Paypal Bill Me Later Advertisement

Source: PayPal

Have you ever wanted to buy something online, but maybe you didn’t want to use a credit or debit card? Maybe you were weary of annual fees? Fret not, PayPal’s Bill Me Later service offers approved PayPal account owners a line of credit to make purchases. And there is no annual fee. But there is a 19.99% annual percentage rate (APR). You can make purchases on EBayor anywhere else PayPal is accepted.

As the advertisement to the right shows, with Bill Me Later, you can shop now and pay over time. Featuring a happy model with natural hair, this advertisement showcases the utility of PayPal’s service. Personally, I think that the mystery behind her happiness highlights the many uses (and possibilities) of PayPal’s Bill Me Later service. For more information on this service, check out PayPal’s Bill Me Later.

Have you ever used it? Would you use it?


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