5 Reasons Why I Want to Loc My Natural Hair

For years, I’ve debated trading in my loose natural hair for locs. And when I have this conversation with friends, family members, co-workers, etc., the reactions range from “yes! that will be so cute on you” to “why would you want to do that? It doesn’t look feminine”. But I can’t satisfy everyone (and won’t even try). Ultimately, I have to do what’s best for me. And that’s loc my hair. I’m ready.

Although typing these words is a little scary, I am ready. It’s time. And let me tell you why. Here are my top 5 reasons why I’m loc’ing my natural hair.

#5: I won’t have nearly as many bad hair days.

Any natural knows that feeling you get when you try something, and it just doesn’t work out. Maybe you experimented with a new product or method. Or maybe you didn’t have time to wash your hair, and prayed that you could salvage that old twist-out. But something just didn’t work.I believe that with locs, I won’t have many (if any) bad hair days.

#4: I’ve been thinking about it for years.

Read the beginning of this post. Finances and the commitment have always kept me from really taking the leap. But, it’s time.

#3: I’m tired of trying to achieve that elusive, perfect twist-out

Does a twist-out have to be perfect? No, absolutely not. But mine does. Seriously. I prefer the tightly coiled, defined twist-out to all other looks (see top left picture below). And I’m tired of trying to achieve it. Just check out this Instagram photo of my hair from this past Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday, I had a great twist-out. My curls were popping. I pineappled my hair that night, and look at what happened to it on Wednesday.

I  washed my hair on Wednesday night, and my imitation of MsBVaughn’s updo was an epic fail. It could have been the products or the technique, but my hair in the back was neither smooth nor positioned correctly. So I put it in a puff.

#2: Less maintenance *fingers crossed*

I hope locs are less maintenance. Maybe I’m setting myself up. But those yarn braids I had over the summer were so easy to style. I’m not the best flat twister/braider/etc, but yarn braids just made styling so much easier.

#1: I’m over it.

There, I said it. I’m over my hair. I’m tired of the knots, detangling my hair, combatting dryness, spending 3 hours doing my hair every week or 2, etc.

Bonus: Locs are gorgeous! I’ve had a hair crush on Ledisi (2nd picture below) for years.

Source: Thisisyourconscience.com


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Want to Loc My Natural Hair

  1. Great post. I agree with you on a few points 3 and 1:

    3 My elusive style was the fro. I always wanted a big, fluffy, nappy, block-out-the-sun fro but, alas, it wasn\’t meant to be. The texture/density of my hair doesn\’t allow it.

    1 Yep, I was just tired of doing \”stuff\” to my hair. Even my simple wash-n-go was more than I felt like doing. You call it laziness…I call it low maintenance 🙂

    Be careful with #2, though. I\’ve seen people who do more to their dreads than they ever did to their loose hair. I think it\’s all about the look you\’re going for and the attitudes/perceptions you have of hair.

    Some people bring the \”every hair must be straight/in place/did/I\’m not trying to look nappy headed\” mentatlity with them when they return natural. And there\’s nothing wrong with that, but it often doesn\’t translate into low maintenance upkeep.

    • Hi nappyheadedblackgirl! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. LOL at “block-out-the-sun” fro. I can relate to that. I do love big hair. You make some really good points. And as I make this transition, I need to make sure that my expectations are realistic. I actually don’t know if it’s better to not have expectations. To your point, it is also quite possible that I end up doing way more to my locs than I ever did to my loose hair. Time will tell….

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