Healthy Choice – Greek Frozen Yogurt Commercial

Tired of eating kale? Well, Healthy Choice wants you to know that their low-fat greek frozen yogurt is a healthy option, too. In this hilarious commercial, a natuarlista laments about kale and celebrates the wonder of 100-calorie greek frozen yogurt. While I personally like kale, I appreciate the commercial’s tagline: Don’t diet, live healthy.

Source: Healthy Choice

I was running with a pretty desparate fad diet. The kale cleanse. Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt helped bring me back. Getting to indulge in creamy 100 calorie treats made with real fruit? Whenver I want? (looks at yoga mat) I used to hide a secret stash of kale in there. Now I use it to do yoga.

Announcer: Don’t diet, live healthy with Greek Frozen Yogurt from Healthy Choice.

Source: Healthy Choice

Try one of the 4 flavors today: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and vanilla bean.

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