Bank of America commercial – BankAmeriDeals

Are you one of the 57 million customers and small business owners that banks with Bank of America? Given the drastic changes in the banking industry over the last year plus, banks are scrambling to offer promotions and deals to keep their existing customers (and attract new ones).

Enter BankAmeriDeals. Marketed as “the easiest way to earn cash back”, Bank of America customers with online accounts can sign up for deals at locations of their choice. It’s free and can be linked to both your debit and credit card.

Source: Bank of America

Why is this featured on Natural Hair in the Media, you wonder? Because there’s a fab woman with gorgeous natural hair in the commercial! Not only does she have beautiful hair, but she’s shown with a white significant other. So, in one commercial, you have NATURAL HAIR love and interracial love in the same place.

Source: Bank of America

How fab is that?

Commercial transcript:

Now, there’s a new way for you to get cash back deals from your online banking, at places like restaurants, and sporting goods stores.Or even pet stores.

Introducing BankAmeri Deals.

Choose cash back deals that are relevant to you. All right in your online banking. With one click, deals are added on to your Bank of America debit and credit cards. Then, just shop or dine as you normally do with your debit or credit card. Cash back is automatically added to your account each month. It’s that simple. No clipping, printing, or downloading. it’s the easiest money you’ll ever earn. BankAmeri Deals, it’s your choice, your cards, and your cash back.

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