Nutrisystem Advertisement – Keishia is natural and fierce!

Being healthy and fit (and natural) shines in this advertisement from Nutrisystem. Featuring real-life user Keishia, this ad highlights her ah-maz-ing results! She lost 40 pounds on Nutrisystem! You go girl!

Source: Nutrisystem

For those who don’t know, Nutrisystem has plans for both men and women. What does Nutrisystem have to offer? “By providing real food you know and love, guidelines you can live and learn by, and balanced nutrition your body needs, we’ve created a program that makes losing weight work for you” (Source: Nutrisystem).

Thank you Lisa Sperling of Nothing But for letting me know about the beautiful Keishia.

You can find Keishia online here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


30 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Advertisement – Keishia is natural and fierce!

  1. I have been going back and forth for a while now on whether or not that Nutrisystem would be beneficial…with my schedule sometimes its hard to cook balanced meals…

    And yes Keishia does look great!!!

    • Dear Keishia, I am so honored that you stopped by my blog and commented on this post. Congratulations on all of your success. And we in the natural community support you! 🙂

  2. Keishia is great!!! What you all don’t know about her is she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!!! She’s very outgoing, encouraging, uplifting and spirited!! She’s definitely an inspiration to all of us!!!!! #GOKEISHIA :o)

  3. Pretty sure she pronounced her name wrong in the commercial (“Keisha” as opposed to “Keishia”). This indicates to me that she is an actress.

    • Bob, first, I’m right here, and already posted, so 3rd person is unnecessary. 🙂
      My dear, there are a lot of people who have had their entire lives transformed by Nutrisystem, and to find your way onto the board just to post your disbelief is beyond my understanding. I’m not personally offended that you don’t believe me because you don’t know me, but please do not besmirch the name of Nutrisystem and negate the experiences of all of the wonderful people who use this product because it does in fact get results. Further, there are a lot of amazing and talented people, who worked tirelessly on putting that commercial together, and I’m grateful and so blessed for their effort and combined sweat equity. The product is real. I’m real. I am an educator–not an actress. Your assertions are wrong and unfounded. End of story. But finally, please for the love of God do not insult my amazing mother’s spelling of my name in the 70s, and assume that you know how to pronounce my name. Rude. But I will take the compliment that you think I’m an actress. No hard feelings for the misunderstanding.

      • Thank you for responding, Keishia. I saw this comment, and thought, “hhmmm, how do I respond to this?” I couldn’t have said it any better. Do you have a link to the commercial? I couldn’t find it online, and would love to share it with everyone.

    • Hello Bob, I can assure you that Keishia is a REAL person. I know her personally and she’s as real as they come!! She’s made an amazing transformation right before [our] eyes. Her success and story kind of do seem story-like……but more like a dream come true!! I congratulate her over and over again!!! And like I always tell her, she is a true inspiration!!! I hope she inspires you and anyone else who wants to change their lives. The road to living a healthy lifestyle can be very difficult, but REAL people like my girl, Keishia let me know that it can be done if you work hard to do so!! Good luck to you!! 🙂

    • *afterthought* I still haven’t seen the commercial with Keishia in it, so I don’t know how they pronounced her name. But I don’t see how anything like the pronunciation of one’s name would make them seem unreal. Sorry…..not everyone is named Bob or Becky. It is rather rude to challenge someone’s pronunciation and/or spelling of THEIR name…..hopefully no one else would come up with the same concept to discredit such a positive person, company, and story.

    • I think you may have misunderstood the original comment. I know that Keishia is in fact an actual name, but I was fairly certain I heard it pronounced Keisha at the end of the commercial. Of course, this may have been the fault of my own hearing, even though I have seen the commercial more than twice and made the same observation. Again, if apologize if I was incorrect, and I never intended to critiscize you or the product.

  4. EDIT, I typed that last sentence wrong: Again, I apologize if I was incorrect, and never intended to critiscize you or the product.

  5. Yes, my name is pronounced exactly how you heard it “Keisha” and spelled exactly the way my blessed and creative mother decided to spell it “Keishia.” Thank you for correcting your assumption about my name or anyone else’s because its not spelled the way that you “think” it should be pronounced. o_O

    Tiffany, I hope you get a chance to see one day. Its on Lifetime, MSNBC, BET, Weather Channel, Fox, TvLand, TBS, USA, OWN, etc. Mostly cable. Unfortunately, its not posted anywhere, and I’m not allowed to do so. Thank you for organizing such a fabulous and positive blog.

    Rae, you’re an amazing friend. Thank You for your care and support! 😀

  6. To everyone that’s chimed in and offered opinions, insights, clarifications, etc., I appreciate you stopping by. By posting this commercial, I wanted to showcase the beauty of Keishia’s natural hair and weight loss. To Bob: thanks for coming back and acknowledging the misunderstanding. Anyone can say anything, but it takes a big person to recognize that they were wrong and publicly admit it. To Rae: way to have your friend’s back! and thank you for your heartfelt comments and support. To Keishia: you are beautiful! and I want to congratulate you on your weight loss again. Sadly, I don’t have cable so I haven’t seen the commercial. Maybe one day I’ll be able to add the video to this post. Until then, thank you for your grace, beauty, and for inspiring many to use Nutrisystem.

    • Hi Tiffany and all. If you all would to like to support Keishia. Please send a reply to nutrisystem. Tiffany thanks letting me post this. I wish you the utmost best life offers you. Here was Nutrisystems reply to my email. Thank you for your wonderful feedback and so glad to hear you are enjoying the new inspirational commercials featuring Keishia.

      Please know I have shared your kind words with my colleagues on the production team.

      Hope you have a great evening!

      Meredith Bandy

      Public Relations Manager

      Nutrisystem, Inc.

      600 Office Center Drive

      Fort Washington, PA 19034


      Twitter: NutriPRMeredith

      Support Team Nutrisystem for the 2012 Philadelphia StepOut Walk: Walk to Stop Diabetes!! Here’s my team page:

      From: wallace ramey []
      Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012 2:46 AM
      To: Inquire Mailbox
      Subject: Keishia

      Keishia’s Nutrisystem commercial shows me a lady is so happy and beaming with pride because of Nutrisystem and what it has done for her. Her commercial for Nutrisystem was a joy to watch. You can tell (just my humble opinion) she’s driven and focused to inspire people to people to try the Nutrisystem program and start working at getting control of their weight and lives. She’s bubbly and enthusiastic. I’m so glad Nutrisystem put her in their ads. Hope to see more ads of this lady in the future. Thanks for making such a fun video to watch. To all at Nutrisytem.Thanks for the good you do for people and wishing you all the utmost success.

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  11. Hi Tiffany and everyone who is so sweet and supportive of my Nutrisystem campaign. I’m aiming for another “natural hair in the media” opportunity. I’ve been entered in Fitness Magazine’s “Face of Fitness” campaign–top prize is the cover! I would love anyone’s consideration, please vote EVERYDAY and please share with your FB, Twitter networks. Let’s see if we can get a natural girl on the cover of Fitness, heh? Your vote would really mean a lot to me. XOXOXO 🙂

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