Fashion Files: Meet Chelsea – T.J. Maxx’s featured Maxxinista

Now presenting another installment in my Fashion Files Series! This series features naturals represented on the runway, photography, print and online advertisements, and commercials. While browsing YouTube for a twist-out updo to wear for the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty show, I saw this TJ Maxx commercial.

Source: TJ Maxx

In it, you meet Chelsea, who is TJMaxx’s featured Maxxinista. Chelsea is a make-up artist from Los Angeles who rocks her natural hair in a big and beautiful braid-out (or twist-out?).

What’s her style? It’s functional, pretty funky.

Source: T.J. Maxx

Her favorite trend for fall: anything tribal looking, prints, beading, collar necklaces

Source: T.J. Maxx

What does Maxxinista mean? A girl that knows how to shop, a girl that knows how to get what she wants, and a girl that’s a professional, that knows how to incorporate fashion and quality into her life.

Are you a Maxxinista?

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