A natural man stars in this ATT Whiz Bang Commercial

For those people who believe that men with natural hair are never featured in advertisements or commercials, check out this screen shot from an AT&T commercial. I know, I know. Now that makes 2? *scratches head* No, seriously. I can’t think of too many examples of natural men in the media.

Source: AT&T

This commercial, from BBDO Atlanta, is part of AT&T’s Rethink Possible campaign. What do they want you to know? That AT&T has more 4G cities and towns than Verizon. *pow* Take that, Verizon.

Why don’t we see more men with natural hair in commercials? Are there not many actors with natural hair? Or is there a preference for clean-cut, bald/low cut black men?


3 thoughts on “A natural man stars in this ATT Whiz Bang Commercial

  1. Cleancut bald-headed black gentlemen are more presentable (nice and neat) to the mainstream for product endorsements, IMO. They always look sharp.

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  3. Esmerelda, you make a good point about how black men may be viewed by the mainstream media and companies who are trying to sell multicultural audiences. But I will say that I do believe that men with hair can be sharp and presentable. It just depends on how their hair looks.

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