How does Janelle Monáe use her Sonos system? To set the mood.

How does Wondaland Arts Society/Atlantic Records recording artist Janelle Monáe use her Sonos system? To set the mood, of course.

Source: Pandora

As one of the new faces of the brand, Monáe is featured in several digital videos and advertisements marketing this product. She’s even on the home page, along with Questlove!

Source: Sonos

Source: Sonos

What is Sonos, you wonder? It’s a wireless hifi system designed to deliver impressive sound and synchronize and organize your music. With Sonos, you can:

-Wirelessly manage all your music

-Create playlists for anywhere in your home

-Organize everything you listen to in one place

-Individually control the volume in every room (Sonos, 2012).

Monáe says, “I love being the experience architect of the party. Working with Sonos allows me to share my true love for music.” (Sonos Blog, 2012).

There’s so much gorgeous natural hair in this commercial! I was drooling at this one woman’s curls. Talk about big, beautiful, and bouncy. I don’t know about you, but I was watching the house party with her Wondaland Arts Society thinking, “I want to be one of the cool kids at this party!” In the background, the song playing is “We’re Far Enough from Heaven Now We Can Freak Out” by Deep Cotton.

Source: Sonos

You can enter to WIN a dream wireless system in the Sonos and Janelle Monae Sweepstakes HERE.

You’ll also be automatically entered in a weekly prize draw and will receive two FREE downloads of new songs by Deep cotton and Roman GianArthur, members of Janelle’s Wondaland Arts Society collective. Sweepstakes ends December 2, 2012.

Get it, Ms.Monáe. We see you and your beautifully coiffed natural hair.


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