Lean Cuisine Commercial – Be Culinary Chic

Lean Cuisine wants you to be culinary chic with their newest collection of healthy snacks, the Culinary Collection. The Culinary Collection features over 90 options with no preservatives.

Opening this “Be Culinary Chic” commercial is a beautiful natural with a twist-out that is rocking. I’m loving her curls and her bright, beautiful purple dress.

Source: Lean Cuisine

Source: Lean Cuisine

This campaign by JWT New York also included a gorgeous natural with soft, brown curls on the homepage. Interesting note: the campaign mixes bright and colorful fashion pieces with the beautiful colors of fresh ingredients like artichoke and basil.

On the website, creating delicious recipes is compared to designing creative fashion collections. The point of the campaign is to go past dieting, and focus instead on “modern healthy cuisine”. Here’s a great summary of the campaign.

Source: Lean Cuisine

Watch the commercial here.

Commercial transcript:

Ready for a taste of what’s hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from Lean Cuisine. Creamy, spinach artichoke dip. Crispy garlic chiecken spring rolls. Look for more great tastes on our Facebook page. Lean Cuisine, be culinary chic.

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