Fashion Files: Natural hair rocks in this Marshalls Chicago Day commercial

Do you remember that fly, two-tone, high-top inspired fade in the Marshalls commercial that I posted about before? Well, Marshalls is back, with two more naturalistas in a new commercial! This “Chicago Day” commercial stars Jessica St. Clair, an American actress, writer, and a comedian. It was shot in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, and featured models from Factor and Ford.

Source: Hulu

Can I just say that I loved her in NBC’s Best Friends Forever, and I want that show to come back? Please, with a cherry on top?

Watch the commercial here.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Commercial transcript:

Hey, shoppers, listen up! Marshalls never misses a designer deal, so why should you? Hit it, girls! Marshalls has designer fashion, shoes, accessories. Stop overpaying for the labels you love. I’m looking right at you. Excuse me, do I need to take this to the streets? Let’s do this ladies. Marshalls has your favorite designer, your favorite designer. Ladies, strut us to the nearest Marshalls please. Marshalls, never pay full price for fabulous.

Is natural hair a trend? Or is it here to stay in commercials, advertisements, on the runway?


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