Essence’s Monthly Natural Hair Column – Will you be reading?

When can you be certain that natural hair is definitely “in style”?  When you see it on the runway, in the media, and when magazines like Essence dedicate a monthly section of their magazine to celebrating its dopeness. Well, maybe not its dopeness exactly. But maybe how to achieve dope natural hair?

Essence has “a column dedicated to nurturing and styling your natural hair”. No more paragraphs or one-liners about natural hair (and hopefully no more glossing over the contributions of natural hair vloggers and bloggers). There’s now an entire column where you can learn about the “latest products, trends, pro tips, and hot salons”.

For the September issue, Essence highlighted “easy” ways to change up your hairstyles in case you’re stuck in a “style rut”. And some of the styles are really cute. But I put the easy in quotation marks because what DIY-er can cornrow?

Yes, I know there are plenty. But there are probably just as many that can’t cornrow or flat-twist to save their lives. *raises not 1 hand, but 2* I’m one of them! So styles like the one below may be difficult to attain, and modifications may be helpful.

Source: Essence

For the October issue, Senior Beauty Editor Tasha Turner talks about staying hydrated, the importance of steam treatments, starting locs, and transitioning to natural hair.

Source: Essence

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3 thoughts on “Essence’s Monthly Natural Hair Column – Will you be reading?

  1. Essence’s Monthly Natural Hair Column – Will you be reading?
    Don’t know, but only thing I could add is that there is always something beautiful about every lady out there. I know you all strive to look and feel good. With all the issues ladies deal with in their younger days and on. You have my respect. Thank you Tiffany for letting me post here today. Ya’ll take care.

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