Thrifty Thursdays- Fro Fashion Week Edition

Last September, I was one of many that attended the Fro Fashion Week Fall 2012 weekend. Created by Tarin Boone (pictured below, on left) of Naturally Me! Media, Fro Fashion Week celebrates natural hair, beauty, and style with a week of festivities culminating in a conference and Fashion show.

The highlight of the weekend for me was attending the Blogger’s Brunch. It was a great opportunity to meet fellow natural hair bloggers, many of whom I’ve developed a virtual friendship with, but had never met in person. Style blogger Mattie of Mattieologie (pictured below, on right) was the featured speaker and discussed personal branding.


Source: Naturally Me!Media

Here are my notes from the presentation.


Before this post turns into a recap, check out these recap posts from some of my fellow bloggers.

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Now…to the thrifting. I scored this peplum dress from B&R Thrift Store in Atlanta, Ga. It’s simple, black, sexy, and elegant. It only cost me $4!!!!!!!! Yes, that’s right, $4. I wore this dress to the Fro Fashion Week on Sunday evening, and paired it with my animal print heels I also got from B&R Thrift store.


Source: Naturally Me! Media

Share your thrifting finds with me, or include a link to your post about thrifting! I’d love to check it out.

2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursdays- Fro Fashion Week Edition

  1. Wait a minute. Yeah my heart melted. You not only look beautiful but you look so proud. Thrifting and yard sales save me a few dollars during the year. I write down what I may have saved. Then after Thanksgiving I have a little more money to give to charities. Take care lady. Bye.

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