Thrifty Thursdays: How I Styled My ’90s Blazer

Ah, the ’90s. *sigh*. Granted, I wasn’t that old during this decade. But I have such fond memories of Cross Colors, TLC, Boyz II Men, In Living Color, Martin, Living Single, Fubu, etc.

So this morning when I needed a laugh before work, I watched Martin.

Source: YouTube

And after seeing Gina rock countless double-breasted blazers, I decided it was time to pull out my red Casper double-breasted blazer with gold buttons. This is the blazer I found last month while shopping at B&R Thrift Store in Atlanta, GA. It only cost $1.50!

I kept it simple, because I was wearing it to work. Blazer, white blouse, white button earrings, black skirt, black pantyhose, and black Aldo heels.

What’d you find this week? Share your pictures, posts, and thoughts below!


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