Inside Scoop Series: The Founders of Techturized

The dynamic founders of the new online community for natural hair, Techturized, were kind enough to be the next featured guests for my Inside Scoop Series. What’s Techturized, you wonder? Read below and find out why these 4 Ga Tech Computer Scientists and Chemical Engineers are going places. You may want to brew some tea, sit down, take notes, and thank me later.

1. Who are the founders of Techturized?

Techturized Founders

L-R (Jess Watson, Chanel Martin, Joy Buolamwini, Candace Mitchell)

We are scholars, engineers, and hair enthusiasts from Georgia Tech. We met at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA where Candace, Joy, and Jess studied Computer Science and Chanel studied Chemical Engineering.
Jess Watson is a NYC native born to Jamaican parents. She is a Computer Scientist with an undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech with multi-million dollar sales experience with corporate sponsors of the institute’s largest student organization.
Chanel Martin is a Chemical Engineer with a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering. Her interest in hair and beauty sparked when she learned that science was at the core of hair care.
Joy Buolamwini is a Rhodes Scholar, Fulbright Fellow, and Google Scholar who is committed to showing compassion through computation having led global digital education and health initiatives in the USA and developing nations.
Candace Mitchell is a purpose-driven entrepreneur with a passion for cosmetology and talent in technology. She is a Computer Scientist with an undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech, leading the institute’s initiatives for diversity and African-American culture.

2. How did the idea for Techturized develop?
Our engineering knowledge and passion for empowering people was the magnet for the four of us coming together. Techturized was birthed from a combination of frustrations with inadequate hair care solutions and a passion to do something about it. We have experienced hair problems that so many women face. We believe that hair is more than a display of style but links to a woman’s identity. Techturized is an opportunity to promote empowerment and wellness and the unique blend of hair care and technology powers us to reach women everywhere.

The latest development from Techturized, MadameYou, is a realization of our vision. MadameYou was created for women to share their hair experiences and receive personal recommendations based on their hair type and lifestyle. If you haven’t signed up, join today at MadameYou.

3. Let’s say I’m a woman with natural hair and I’m interested in joining Techturized. What can I expect to read and experience? Can you provide some examples?
The MadameYou experience highlights hair journeys of featured users on our site, showcasing different types of stories on how your hair journey parallels with your life journey and how its affects your evolution as a woman. You can also view hairstyles of all hair types and lengths. When you develop your profile, you add photos of your hair experiences; select what products you’re currently using, highlight styles you like, and follow ‘Partners In Style’ who are other women that inspire your hair journey. Stay tuned for how we will incorporate your favorite hair care brands and provide personal recommendations for your hair care regimen! Hint: some exclusive R&D going on in the lab, you’ll love it 🙂

Editor’s note: I signed up for MadameYou and loved reading other’s personal stories. If you’re looking for a site that offers its members direct access to personal stories, challenges and triumphs surrounding their natural hair, check it out. 

4. On a personal note, I recently decided to loc my hair. I find that a lot of blogs and online communities mostly cater to women with loose natural hair. Is Techturized a place for me?
Yes, it certainly is! MadameYou creates a personal experience for women to create hair journeys and relate to their hair and each other in a unique way. Whether your hair is curly, straight, loc-d, relaxed, or natural, we focus on promoting self-expression and the power to be your best self.

5. What opportunities are there to volunteer or work with Techturized?
We are always interested in exciting and outgoing people joining our team.  Currently, we are recruiting technical talent, marketing professionals, interns, and volunteers.  Interested applicants can visit

6. What can we expect from Techturized in the future?
Techturized has a bright future on the horizon. 2013 will be a big year as we launch a 1 Million Women Campaign to reach African-American women all across the country, sharing their hair experiences on MadameYou. You can also expect to see major partnerships with hair care companies that support our mission to transform the hair industry through science and technology. Techturized will continue our female empowerment and social impact initiatives that promote females in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) as well as entrepreneurship such as Black Girls Code.

7. Where can we find Techturized on the web?
You can find Techturized on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram (@techturized).

8. Can you share your hair story with us? Have you been natural all of your life? If not, how long have you been natural and what’s your hair regimen?
The founders of Techturized all have unique hair stories and personas to describe their journeys.

Not-So-Accidental Natural (Joy) – After months of wearing braids due to traveling and not having a go-to stylist, Joy transitioned from relaxed to natural unknowingly. After taking out her braids she thought to herself, “I kind of like this new texture” and made the decision to do a big chop in the spring of 2012. From that day forward, her choice to be natural was no longer considered an accident but she embraced her natural hair.

Go-to Style: 2 strand twists
Favorite hair products: Still Experimenting New Natural
How often do you try a new style?: Every 3 -4 months
How long have you been natural?: Since Spring 2012

Hair Connoisseur (Jess) – Jess has experience with her hair in just about every state from relaxed, tex-relaxed, weave, braids – you name it, she’s mastered it. What Jess loved and still loves about natural hair is the versatility. She’s been natural since August 2012 and hasn’t looked back since.

Go-to Style: Twistouts (sister twists, 3 strand twist)
Favorite hair products: Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream (use this to set my twists)
How often do you try a new style?: Twice a week (experimenting with different pin-ups)
How long have you been natural?: Since August 2012 (transitioned for 1 year)

Not Married to My Hair (Chanel) – Chanel is stylish and her hair always matches her look and lifestyle. She’s been natural twice and proclaims she’s not “married to her hair”. For a healthier lifestyle, Chanel chose to be natural in June 2010 and loves to creatively change her look.

Go-to Style: Wash and go in the Summer, High poof in the Winter
Favorite hair products: Kinky Curly Knot Today & Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic
How often do you try a new style?: Monthly, I love experimenting and trying out new looks.  I also rotate different styles every week on wash day.

How long have you been natural?: I have been natural for two and a half years.

Rebirth (Candace) – Candace has had a full head of thick hair since she was a little girl, which sparked her fascination with hair at a young age. She went natural in 2008 and loves having her natural curls & waves. Her transformative hairstyles rebirth into brightened blondes that embody her ‘Rogue’ persona and sunshine personality.

Go-to Style: Spiral curls, two-strand twists, wash & go in the summertime
Favorite hair products: Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream & Wrap and Roll, Creme of Nature Leave-In Conditioner
How often do you try a new style?: Once a week
How long have you been natural?: 4 years (starting transitioning while overseas in Barcelona)

9. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
• We are dedicated to making our products the best for our users. We would love feedback on your experience with MadameYou. Connect with us on Facebook to express your thoughts.

Thank you to the founders of Techturized. Please stop by and check out their new community today! If you’re a member, tell us what you think!

3 thoughts on “Inside Scoop Series: The Founders of Techturized

  1. You ladies are such an inspiration, I can’t wait to see how this company will flourish within the next couple of years.!! You ladies rock! #Techturized..not a hairstyle but a LIFESTYLE#

    • Hi Denise,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading the interview. I totally agree with you. The founders are inspiring, and I hope you’ll check out Techturized.


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