Inside Scoop Series – An Interview with EDEN BodyWorks CEO and President Jasmine Lawrence

For an inside look into the CEO and President of EDEN BodyWorks, check out this interview with Jasmine Lawrence.



Jasmine is currently 21 years old and a senior in the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is majoring in Computer Science with concentrations in devices and artificial intelligence. Jasmine also does research in the field of robotics at the Georgia Tech Healthcare Robotics Lab. She is the 2012-2013 Ms. Georgia Tech, a proud executive leader of StartUp at Georgia Tech and a member of the National Society of Black Engineers. She is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national leadership honor society and Upsilon Pi Epsilon the international computing honor society. In her free time she plays the harmonica, programs robots, and makes stained glass; is an advent sports fan who loves to play basketball; a poet, motivational speaker, tutor and mentor.

Starting at only 13 years of age, Jasmine Lawrence, President and Chief Creative Officer of EDEN BodyWorks is on the road to success. With the drive and determination of a seasoned CEO she is strategically making her mark. EDEN BodyWorks was driven from Jasmine’s own need for a natural hair care solution. Devastated by the harsh chemical products, Jasmine sought to develop unique products that were all natural and really worked. Unlike most products that are cosmetic in nature, her mission was to develop hair care products that actually deliver their promises.

Under the leadership of this dynamic and driven young person, EDEN BodyWorks has experienced tremendous growth with a rapidly expanding product and customer base. Her company, a certified women owned business, manufactures and distributes all natural hair and skin care products nationwide and internationally through her website. Jasmine is currently working on expanding her all natural hair and skin care products lines to meet the needs of her diverse multicultural customer base.

 1. Since starting at Georgia Tech, you’ve (successfully) ran for president of a group of 3 residence halls, you became a Computer Science major, you work in a robotics lab, and you joined the crew team. In what other activities (extracurricular and community service) are you involved?

I am a very active member of the Georgia Tech community. Below is some of my past and present involvements..

GT StartUp 

  • 2011-2012 Chief of Operations
  • 2012-2013 Curriculum Lead

I teach the leadership curriculum at our meetings. We cover topics such as communication, networking, entrepreneurship and team building.

GT Artificial Intelligence Club

  • 2012-2013 Co-Founder  & External Relations Chair
RHA2009-2010 President of Hefner, Fitten, Armstrong Residence Halls

  • 2010-2011 Meetings Coordinator Center Street Apartments                                                                       2011 Meeting Coordinator of the Year
  • CSA Food Drive Coordinator
  • 2010 Legislative Council – Housing Relations AdHoc Committee
  • 2011-2012 Executive Programs Committee
  • 2011-2012 Building Representative, Center Street Apartments
  • Platinum Member  Fall 2009 – present
  • 2010 FRC Committee
  • Member of the year –Spring 2011
  • Platinum Member 2009-present
  • 2011 Finance Committee
Connect with Tech
  • Student Host & Tour Guide 2010 – present
  • Outstanding Host Award
ADAPTS Note Taker
  • Fall 2009 CS1371
  • Fall 2012 Math 2605
2009-2011 Team Buzz

  • Community Service event in Atlanta
2009-2011 Tech Beautification Day

  • On-Campus cleanup day
2010, 2011 MLK Day of Service
67th Commemoration of the Liberation of Metz, France – Fall 2011

  • As the daughter of two Army veterans I laid the wreath to commemorate soldiers lost in battle during WWII in Metz, France.
AIDS Walk Atlanta

  • Team Leader 2010,2011
Women @ the College of Computing

  • Member 2010- present
Minorities @ the College of Computing

  • Member 2010-present
College of Computing Student Activities Board

  • Member 2011 – present

3.I know you’ve hired a management team to handle daily operations for EDEN BodyWorks. But how do you balance being a full-time student and a CEO?

Time management is a skill that I feel that mastered over the last 8 years. It really comes down to prioritizing work and school while managing deadlines. I have to keep my life in a constant balance and always know what I am doing with my time. I tend to divide it into three categories: personal, philanthropic and professional. During my personal or “me time” I hang out with friends and relax. During my professional time I work on school work, research and things for the business. Finally, I am always grateful for what I have been blessed with so giving back is really important to me.

Editor’s note: Read my interview with the EDEN BodyWorks VP of Marketing, Ylorie Anderson, here.

4. What’s something surprising that people may not know about you? 

People may not know what I actually do at Georgia Tech and what inspired me to go to college even though my business was already successful. I love EDEN BodyWorks with all my heart and starting this company was a way for me to share my ideas and solutions with the world. Before I ever lost my hair or thought about starting a business I fell in love with technology. I grew up tinkering, building and entering science fairs. My favorite shows were about math, reading and growing your imagination. I always saw myself as an engineer or scientist creating something for the future. At Georgia Tech I have been involved with several labs where we do just that. One of my favorite projects was working on the Robots for Humanity project where we wrote software to enable robotic home assistants. Earning my degree in computer science in spring 2013 will be one of my greatest accomplishments yet. I plan to continue to further my education in the future but also to keep guiding, building and directing EDEN BodyWorks as well.

 5. Describe a typical day in the life of Jasmine. 

There is no typical day in my life! Every day comes with its own challenges and surprises and I do my best to be ready. I spend a lot of time planning and executing whether it be for class or business. I usually wake up, thank God for another day, eat breakfast and check my email and calendar. After that anything can happen so I stay focused, open and hopeful.

6. What do you do for fun?

Most of the things I do make me happy. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be worth doing. I spend a lot of time laughing with friends and making stained glass pieces in the Georgia Tech Craft Center. I also like to program different applications and small robot projects. Me gusta memes and other funny pictures and videos on the internet as many computing student do. I also love reading sci-fi books and playing basketball.

7. In an interview with GA Tech, you said you plan on pushing robotics to the limit.  What types of things do you envision? Related to that, what do you hope to achieve in the next 10 years?

Robotics is such a broad and evolving field. I’m not exactly sure where I fit in yet in such a large community but I know I love working with humanoid robots that work with humans. I think that collaboration between robots and humans is essential to the future of our planet. I don’t want to just have robots that do menial tasks for us but robots that work with us and understand our motives. We can work together with them to improve the quality of life all over the world. One of my goals in the next 10 years is to be a part of the movement that brings robots to people’s homes. Of course this involves me getting my Ph.D. in Robotics and hopefully doing some world travels to places like Australia, Germany and Japan to learn from other robotics experts!

8. What tips and advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice is always to find your passion and live your dream. I think that I have been so successful because I love what I do with every fiber of my being. I am working for something that I enjoy down to my core and that makes it easier to work hard, fight, struggle and ask for help. I have found my purpose in this universe and it’s ignited a fire in me that nothing can diminish. If someone wants to start a business they should be committed to their ideas and to their future.

You can follow EDEN BodyWorks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Jasmine is also on Twitter.

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