Target Advertisement – College Stuff

Source: Target

It’s Back to School time!!!!

Target is advertising sales for items you think you can’t live without in college. This advertisement, which I saw on Target’s home page, advertises a sale on select housewares, furniture, and other “cool stuff”. Eating what for many is a college staple (I know I lived off it – especially the chicken flavor), you see a male natural chowing down on Ramen noodles.

Source: Target

Below the fold on the Target home page, you see more curlies! *cartwheels*. This time it’s a mother/daughter duo with curly hair.

If you love Target, here’s an interesting article that highlights ways you can save money at the retailer. It goes over when and how certain items are marked down, identifying what days and by how much. Check it out and let me know ways you save money for back to school shopping.

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